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Rethinking your attitude to buying clothes? We know just the place to go for your sustainable style fix. Enter Cat Anderson, conscious shopping advocate and founder of Edinburgh’s most ethical fashion hub, treen.

Shopping with your conscience has never been so important. Whether you choose to prioritise environmentally-friendly materials or seek out designers with ethical production lines, there’s more options out there than ever before. And this Atterley boutique is a good place to find them. The treen team curates vegan and low-impact fashion labels at a mix of price points, making the daunting task of shopping sustainably instantly more achievable.

Not only does treen encourage you to avoid synthetic and animal-based products; owner Cat also places great emphasis on timeless wardrobe staples. Think of those pieces you can wear time and time again no matter the season, regardless of what trends have dominated the catwalks and Insta street-style snaps. With this in mind, you can be confident that your perfect pair of jeans or love-forever Chelsea boot is waiting for you at treen.

But Cat didn’t arrive at her current sustainable stance overnight. As with everyone, transitioning from fast to slow fashion was an information-gathering journey. Curious how she made the change? Keep reading to find out.

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