It’s never been easier to be sustainable with your style. From Instagram-approved trainers and colour-pop cashmere to modernist hand-crafted jewellery: in recent years there has been a welcome influx of vibrant, innovative and stylish labels offering eco-conscious designs we actually want to wear. It’s ‘in’ to be eco. 

It might come as little surprise that the Fashion industry – after oil – is the world’s biggest environmental enemy. The problem of cheap, fast fashion is one that persists at the peril of the planet, as well as the people and communities behind the production. All too often we compromise quality for convenience in favour of a quick fashion fix.

So what can we do? Buy less and buy better: that’s our Boutique Buyers’ mantra. Look for clothes that were made to last, and consider opting for organic, recycled and responsibly sourced textiles, fair working conditions and transparent supply chains. The easiest place to start? Invest in labels that are already achieving all of the above. Here we highlight three change-making ethical brands shaping the future of fashion – and the environment – with their clean green credentials.

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