siobhan molloy


Siobhan Molloy, the design student turned designer, has mastered the art of creating clothes with big-entrance energy.

We’re falling for the theatre of her dresses and separates; romantic ruffled skirts and high necklines allude to bygone ideas of femininity, while punchy stripes and contrasting details collide to add a contemporary edge. Siobhan Molloy is all about movement and fluidity, favouring lightweight fabrics like soft silk and comfortable cotton that look and feel exquisite. 

Her timeless prints are created with slow fashion in mind – a more considered approach to garment design advocating styles with longevity. Siobhan Molloy’s re-mix of dainty florals, geometric stripes and go-big-or-go-home polka dots breathe fresh air into the daily humdrum of our wardrobes, bringing an element of outfit polish without the added effort. 

If you’re looking to take a stand against the season’s usual moody hues, this playful collection is your best defence for a winning autumn-winter lookbook.

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