Wondering how to layer clothes like a French girl? We’ve uncovered their transitional style secrets…

There’s no greater disappointment than having to hide a perfectly put-together outfit under a bulky winter coat. At this time of year, wearing layer upon layer will soon be non-negotiable. But with a little help from the Parisian street style masters, we’ve figured out how to navigate ‘onion dressing’ while maintaining your personal style.

Gallic girls are widely envied for their effortless dress code – and their approach to layering is no exception. So, if you want to carry yourself through winter with the ease and sophistication of the French fashion set, familiarise yourself with these lessons in layering.


We would never suggest that you should be a slave to the catwalk, but there are some autumn/winter 2020 trends we think are worthy of your attention.

The new-season looks served up by designers during February’s Fashion Month were certainly diverse. Everything from refined tailoring to high-octane ’80s glamour was evident on the runway. As such, it seems that anything goes this season.

However, this can make knowing which autumn/winter 2020 trends to actually buy into more difficult. When there’s so much to choose from, it can be daunting to decide where to start. Which is why we decided to filter through the runway looks, cancel out the noise, and bring you the three key trends you really ought to know about.

Below you’ll find the autumn/winter 2020 trends that really matter as far as getting ready in real life is concerned. There’s fashion’s new take on minimalism, where rich jewel tones meet buttery shades in the form of simple silhouettes, pared-back accessories and sleek suiting. Then there’s the instant-impact, ultra-bright colour clashes. And finally, dresses have been given a maximalist makeover, with a focus on bold shoulders and voluminous skirts.

You know what to do—keep scrolling to see and shop the most-noteworthy autumn/winter 2020 trends.


Add a touch a whimsy to your everyday ensemble with Laviandbelle’s mood-boosting handmade jewellery.

Nothing elevates an outfit like a well-placed gold accent. The simplest look – say, a black polo neck and blue jeans – can go from to plain to polished with the addition of a chunky chain necklace, or a pair of ’90s-style hoops.

And if you’re on the hunt for fun, nostalgic jewellery designs (think rhinestone-adorned pendants and stack-able rings), you can call off your search. Laviandbelle’s playful collection has ticked all the necessary boxes. Drawn to a simpler, more contemporary style? The elegant gold chains and celestial hoops are classically cool, with a modern edge. A self-confessed magpie? Achieve all-day glitz with Laviandbelle’s sparkly, crystal-encrusted pieces. Over a decade since launching the label, design duo Simona Brunozzi Moro and Steffanie Brown have successfully created jewellery to suit every look.


Trust us, these trend-defying styles will form the foundation of your autumn wardrobe. Buy now, wear always.

This year’s trends are exciting, inventive and braver than ever. Age-old ‘rules’ are being broken, and no look is off-limits. ’80s puffed sleeves, once cringed over, have been donned non-stop during Fashion Month; wearing red and pink together has gone from fashion faux pas to street-style favourite.

But trends aside, there are certain timeless styles that we can be confident will sit in our wardrobe for years to come. If you’re a classic girl through and through, and prefer to invest in long-term staples than transient trends, we know just the pieces you need. These three hero finds, selected by our Boutique Buyers, will be your new go-to items for autumn.


To celebrate the 8th birthday of beloved denim destination ALC, we hear the story behind the Atterley boutique from owner and founder Adele.

ALC first opened its doors back in 2012. Tucked away on a quaint street in Edinburgh’s New Town, the small yet mighty store fast became a trusted sanctuary for denim devotees and independent style enthusiasts.

Owner Adele Crombie felt the absence of easy-to-find, perfect fitting denim on offer at the time, so she took on the role of jean seeker. Sourcing quality denim from under-the-radar labels started as a personal interest, but with the inception of ALC, became a full-time endeavour. Adele carefully curates the very best denim on the market, removing the stress and time that too often accompanies jean shopping. Today, the boutique has expanded to include other timeless wardrobe essentials – from fail-safe striped tees to easy everyday dresses – and a varied selection of lesser-known and sustainable labels.

But don’t let us convince you to shop with ALC. Instead, hear all about the birthday boutique from the denim connoisseur herself…


The first step to emulating Scandinavian style is understanding it. So, we asked a Copenhagen-based fashion expert exactly what makes the sought-after look so special…

There’s a reason we all look to Copenhagen and Stockholm for outfit inspiration. The resident fashion packs have a unique intuition when it comes to styling and designing clothes; only in Scandinavia can minimalism and drama work together so seamlessly. But what is the secret to their sartorial success? And how can we achieve the refinement that is Scandinavian style?

Enter TTLL boutique, a lovingly curated space in the heart of the Danish capital. Owner Thomas Anderson seeks out under-the-radar Scandinavian brands, stocking high-quality, special pieces that demonstrate the best of contemporary, local design. From Rodebjer‘s sculptural show-stoppers to House of Dagmar‘s sustainable creations, Thomas works with top-tier Scandinavian fashion on a daily basis. With this in mind, we knew he’d be well-placed to identify the key characteristics of the iconic look…


Edward Mongzar’s hand-marbled dresses are the epitome of ethereal. Here’s how we’re styling the delicate designs for summer…

Molly Goddard’s now-infamous pink gown, donned by Jodie Comer’s character in Killing Eve, is largely to credit for the floaty frock revival. Once reserved for fancy occasions – think high school dances or ballet performances – frothy fabrics like tulle and organza are now frequently sighted on the global fashion pack.

While such voluminous designs have us all swooning, clouds of tulle can be far from practical. Which is why we love Edward Mongzar’s more wearable iterations, featuring dialled-back ruffle details. Edward works primarily with silk, with tasteful hints of pastel-hued tulle to emphasise the dreamy aesthetic. The swirling marble affect is done by hand, so that each whimsical pattern is unique to the garment.

And there’s no need to wait for a special event to slip into a Edward Mongzar dress. Keep scrolling for a look at how to wear the light and airy pieces this season.


Sustainability isn’t just another trend; it’s the future of fashion. Meet three Boutique Buyers who are putting the planet first…

Where transient trends once dominated the fashion sphere, the idea of buying less and buying well has permeated our collective consciousness.

New sustainable designers keep popping up, and catchy terms like ‘capsule closet’ and ‘slow fashion’ are now a permanent part of our sartorial vocabulary. Earthy tones, organic fibres and timeless shapes have infiltrated our wardrobes, and we’re rethinking our buying habits. No doubt about it: shopping with your conscience is the way forward.

But this doesn’t mean ignoring exciting trends or passing up on your dream dress because it’s not 100% sustainable. The first step to a more conscious closet is being mindful about your purchases. Consider if you’ll cherish a piece, or will it be tossed aside in a few months’ time?

For our boutiques, avoiding the latter scenario is top priority. By introducing their customers to ethically minded labels, season-less pieces and eco-friendly fabrics, they’re playing a valuable part in putting fast fashion behind us. So, if you’re curious about how to shop sustainably, hear what these three boutique owners have to say.