We spoke to designer Uzma Bozai about finding inspiration for her eponymous label, watching her playful designs come to life and celebrating artistry. 

Uzma’s glitzy slogan sweatshirts shout out important causes like feminism, climate change and social justice in a fun and feisty way. 

The embellished pieces are created using traditional techniques, hand-finished by skilled artisans in India. It was during the summers Uzma spent here with her family that she fell in love with colour and embroidery. It takes up to fifteen hours to finish each piece yet it’s this meticulous attention to detail and celebration of time-honoured craftsmanship that makes the cool-girl designs truly stand out against a landscape of fast fashion. 

Uzma Bozai’s brand is known for its sassy statement styles in energetic colourways, meeting the current demand for elevated, fashion-forward loungewear. Hear more about how the label came to be.

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