how to shop sustainably


Sustainability isn’t just another trend; it’s the future of fashion. Meet three Boutique Buyers who are putting the planet first…

Where transient trends once dominated the fashion sphere, the idea of buying less and buying well has permeated our collective consciousness.

New sustainable designers keep popping up, and catchy terms like ‘capsule closet’ and ‘slow fashion’ are now a permanent part of our sartorial vocabulary. Earthy tones, organic fibres and timeless shapes have infiltrated our wardrobes, and we’re rethinking our buying habits. No doubt about it: shopping with your conscience is the way forward.

But this doesn’t mean ignoring exciting trends or passing up on your dream dress because it’s not 100% sustainable. The first step to a more conscious closet is being mindful about your purchases. Consider if you’ll cherish a piece, or will it be tossed aside in a few months’ time?

For our boutiques, avoiding the latter scenario is top priority. By introducing their customers to ethically minded labels, season-less pieces and eco-friendly fabrics, they’re playing a valuable part in putting fast fashion behind us. So, if you’re curious about how to shop sustainably, hear what these three boutique owners have to say.

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