glitzy gifts


Does your loved one have an eye for all thinks shiny? From elegant gold jewellery to stylish sequins, she’ll light up when she sees these glitzy gifts.

Jewellery is an understandably popular gift during the festive season. There’s a certain sentimentality about receiving a special piece that your loved one has carefully chosen, and that you can carry around with 24/7. But for some, there is no greater thrill than opening that little velvet box on Christmas morning.

Know the type? Then look no further. Among Atterley’s many unique jewellery brands is Jewel Tree London, a reliable source of unique, eye-catching jewellery that your magpie-minded friend will adore. Deborah from team JTL explained to us what makes their brand stand out…

“At Jewel Tree London, we believe everyday is precious. Designed with love and crafted with quality and care, all our products are unique to us and developed in-house – the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, and something they will cherish for years to come.”

So, keep scrolling to see our glittery picks from Jewel Tree London and more independent labels…

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