Parisians’ masterful approach to dressing is a long-time mystery; but with the help of these French style muses, achieving the look is easier than you think…

Oh, to dress like a French femme. The ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality carried by the nation’s fashion pack results in perfectly turned-out hair, effortless ensembles and an overall no-fuss finesse, without fail. Time and time again we look to French trendsetters for style cues and outfit inspiration. Only in Paris can women look simultaneously perfectly put-together and entirely unbothered about their appearance.

But this elusive aesthetic is tricky to replicate. The question of how to balance effortlessness with refinement á la Francaise plays on our minds every time we get dressed.

Thankfully, a little-known tool called Instagram lets us sit back and observe the sleekest looks on the streets of Paris. After much time scrolling, we’ve whittled down the winning looks created by the city’s style mavens. Whether you’re wondering how to make a jean + top combination look instantly elevated, or how to mix femininity with androgyny in a subtle fashion, these Gallic girls have the answers.

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