easy outfit ideas


Home working is the new normal; dress clever for those tricky couch-to-conference-call transitions with our easy outfit ideas.

Striking the balance between comfort and professionalism is the key to mastering your work-from-home wardrobe. You want to feel relaxed and unrestricted, but also be ready to jump on that last-minute Google hangouts session. It’s all about finding the right mix of soft, slouchy styles and polished, meeting-appropriate looks.

While you might spend the first week exclusively in PJs, the novelty will wear off and you’ll realise that you need to look put-together to feel productive. Maintaining motivation can be a challenge when working from home, so avoid your usual down-time dressing and invest in some work-only luxury loungewear to differentiate between the weekends and week-days. In need of some inspiration? Keep scrolling to see our 3 go-to outfit formulas, perfect for home working.

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