chunky boot


Stomp into the new year in the coolest, chunkiest boots on offer now.

Lately, it seems no sole is too chunky. Instagram’s best-dressers have adopted a ‘go big or go home’ attitude in their choice of footwear, opting for lug-soled Chelsea boots and creeper-esque brogues when building their outfits. This new-found appreciation for chunky shoes could be a reaction against the kitten heel revival of 2019. Or maybe it’s that the cool-girl factor attached to these stylish stompers is undeniable.

Needless to say, we’re on board. Especially when we consider the evolution of this oh-so familiar shape. Associated with punk icons of the ’70s and ’80s, thick-soled combat boots were given the sartorial stamp of approval long before their most recent resurgence. The first wave of Dr Martens hit the streets of Camden (perhaps their most notorious stomping ground) with unabashed authority. The now-iconic design carried attitude in spades, as did its legion of wearers.

But this past season has seen a contemporary – nay, futuristic – reimagining. Exaggerated lug soles give the latest wave of chunky boots a directional feel, while patent Chelsea-style iterations look straight out of The Matrix. Keep reading to see our favourite influencer outfits featuring this perennial shoe.

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