Thomas Rottbøll Andersen opened his Copenhagen based boutique TTLL with the objective of offering a lovingly curated selection of new and known Scandi brands.

Atterley Boutique TTLL is the place to go for versatile and contemporary womenswear at its city-centre location in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thomas provides beautifully simple, minimal foundation pieces and a mix of bold, colourful looks that have become synonymous with the new Scandi design set.

He makes it easy to achieve a more personal flavour of effortless Scandi style, hand-picking the love-forever garments hanging on the store’s reclaimed steel rails. You can expect an inspiring mix of up-and-coming and established brands, his only criteria that pieces work for you and not against you. Thomas says, “I love getting to know my customers and building a relationship that’s more than just being the salesperson.”

We spoke to Thomas about his boutique journey, what Scandi brands are exciting him and why he thinks Scandi style has such a global appeal.

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