Chris Terry, Founder & Buyer of Atterley Boutique The Modern Draper, tells the story behind his much-loved men’s style destination.

The Modern Draper launched their first store in April 2017. Chris, along with his partner, Lisa, run the shop in the market town of Beverley, Yorkshire. They love the location so much, they opened a second boutique last year. The first is the place to shop for the perfect blend of heritage and contemporary labels, while the second concentrates more on sport, streetwear and outdoor lifestyle brands.

Chris has worked from the ground up; from serving on the shop floor to working on the brand side as an agent, and now running his own boutiques. His thirty-plus years of experience is clear in the brand mix at the Modern Draper. Chris and Lisa cater to style-conscious shoppers, stocking premium apparel, footwear and accessory names like John Smedley, Norse Projects, Nudie, Sebago and Veja.

But don’t take our word on it. Hear from the founder himself about how this boutique came to be. 


According to our resident style experts, these tried-and-tested looks should be on your 2021 wishlist.

This January looks a little different, and with fewer occasions to dress up for, we’re all revaluating the contents of our closets. But pandemic or not, a new year means a fresh start – and our clothes are no exception.

As always, our Boutique Buyers are being thoughtful about which pieces to invest in, prioritising lasting investments over transient trends. And with so many years’ experience to inform their shopping choices, they know just which styles are worth a second look. So, scroll on to hear which pieces our buyers recommend wearing on rotation.


If you’re looking for a sartorial refresh in 2021, buy well with these lasting looks curated for you by our independent boutique community.

2020…let’s just say it was the year that didn’t quite go to plan and our style horizons were limited. But a new year doesn’t mean we’re shopping for a whole new wardrobe. Our buyers are selective in what they buy into, prioritizing trends with enduring appeal.

If you are looking for an update on tired pieces – your loungewear has been through a lot, after all – you want looks that will see you through what’s likely another season of unknowns.

Don’t know where to start? Here are three key looks our buyers are investing in for this month and beyond.


Stomp into the new year in the coolest, chunkiest boots on offer now.

Lately, it seems no sole is too chunky. Instagram’s best-dressers have adopted a ‘go big or go home’ attitude in their choice of footwear, opting for lug-soled Chelsea boots and creeper-esque brogues when building their outfits. This new-found appreciation for chunky shoes could be a reaction against the kitten heel revival of 2019. Or maybe it’s that the cool-girl factor attached to these stylish stompers is undeniable.

Needless to say, we’re on board. Especially when we consider the evolution of this oh-so familiar shape. Associated with punk icons of the ’70s and ’80s, thick-soled combat boots were given the sartorial stamp of approval long before their most recent resurgence. The first wave of Dr Martens hit the streets of Camden (perhaps their most notorious stomping ground) with unabashed authority. The now-iconic design carried attitude in spades, as did its legion of wearers.

But this past season has seen a contemporary – nay, futuristic – reimagining. Exaggerated lug soles give the latest wave of chunky boots a directional feel, while patent Chelsea-style iterations look straight out of The Matrix. Keep reading to see our favourite influencer outfits featuring this perennial shoe.


While we’re more than happy to show 2020 the door, there are a few fashion trends worth taking into 2021.

In a year unlike any other, fashion did its best – like all of us – to mould to changing circumstances. The absence of occasions in our calendars may have left us feeling all dressed up with nowhere to go, but 2020 wasn’t a total write-off where trends are concerned.

With a rising number of Zoom calls on the weekly, and mood-lifting social media campaigns like #DressUpFriday populating our feeds, many have been using style to retain some sense of normality. There’s no doubt that our shifting lifestyles were reflected in the dominant trends. From comfy, cosy loungewear to low-key yet elegant ensembles, it was certainly a year of sartorial simplicity. And with an uncertain few months ahead of us, there’s no reason for this to change.

So, scroll on to see the fail-safe trends we’ll be relying on for a positive start to 2021.